Back tested and real past performance do not guarantee future performance. Every investor should make sure, if possible with the help of an advisor, if this financial service is suitable for his personal situation. All investments carry significant risk. There is no guarantee of profit.

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Investui only charges fair fees. Fees that are traditionally charged by investments funds and other management formulas simply do not exist:

  • No entry fee and no exit fee.
  • No monthly fee.
  • No subscription fee to receive the alerts.
  • No management fee.
  • No performance fee.

In short, clients do not have fixed costs which eat into their return.

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Set-up A technology set-up fee of € 99 is charged one time at the start. CURRENTLY FREE for new accounts.
All-in order commission Futures accounts: $ or € 4,99 per future per order.
CFD-Forex accounts: $ or € 4,99 per order.
Alerts All clients receive all alerts. Only if a strategy is profitable at the end of the calendar year, the alerts are billed: 2% per profitable strategy calculated on profit after costs. In short, you only pay for the alerts if they have actually made a profit.

Example: at the end of the calendar year a client has a net profit of € 2500. All four strategies generated a profit. This client will be charged € 200 (= € 2.500 x 0,08). If only three out of four strategies generated a profit. This client will be charged € 150 (= € 2.500 x 0,06).

If the account is closed during the year, we charge 8% of the net return made in the current year up to the date of closure.

The following fees may be relevant to some clients
CFD financing charge CFD positions on gold and stock indexes will be charged a financing charge if kept overnight. The financing charge is calculated as (Benchmark + 3,5%) / 360.

Financing charges do not exist for Futures.
Clients who don't place a single order in a quarter will be billed a fixed € 50 per quarter.
Telephone orders we are obliged to introduce a charge of € 25 per telephone order. The Investui signals are provided without a subscription fee. There is no management fee. There is no entry and no exit fee. The revenue comes from applying 2% on the net profit only, and only if a strategy is profitable. Statistics show that clients, who intervene by calling to close positions early, have significantly less profit than clients, who simply let the Investui strategies work the way they were designed. This reduction in profit due to closing positions prematurely represents a substantial loss of revenue for Investui. Handling telephone orders is labour intensive and costly.

We invite you to read the E.U. ex-ante costs and charges disclosure document.

Investui is a refreshing new way to invest online.