Back tested and real past performance do not guarantee future performance. Every investor should make sure, if possible with the help of an advisor, if this financial service is suitable for his personal situation. All investments carry significant risk. There is no guarantee of profit.

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André Stagge

Starting in 2007 André Stagge worked for 10 years as a senior portfolio manager at one of the main German asset management companies. He was responsible for managing four investment funds with a combined value of 2,5 billion Euro. Under his stewardship these funds returned over 500 million Euro (after costs) for clients. André Stagge is a great proponent of market effects. In the below German language videos he talks about Turnaround Tuesday and Friday Gold Rush.

André Stagge says „Successful investing can be very simple: applying good strategies relentlessly.“ This is precisely what Investui offers

Investor André Stagge.



René Wolfram

René Wolfram has been an active investor for over 18 years. He is the only German who ever reached the winners’ podium in the Robbins Worldcup Trading Championship, a 12-month world championship using real money. As part of his active investment activities René Wolfram takes positions on several market effects.

Investor René Wolfram.


Dimitri Speck

Investment systems developer Dimitri Speck specializes in statistical methods to improve returns. He is the founder of Seasonax, which provides an application to Bloomberg and Thomson-Reuters. The application assists investors in improving their returns by using seasonal effects and market effects. For many years he is a popular speaker in the financial services sector, and his commodities investment strategy Stay-C received awards in Europe.

Invest like Dimitri Speck.

Dr. Raimund Schriek

The well-known investor and expert in investment psychology, Dr. Raimund Schriek, uses the Investui service. He concludes "I have waited a long time for this: Investui offers a clear concept, which can be implemented easily."

Investor Dr Raimund Schriek.