Back tested and real past performance do not guarantee future performance. Every investor should make sure, if possible with the help of an advisor, if this financial service is suitable for his personal situation. All investments carry significant risk. There is no guarantee of profit.

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Invest wisely, invest actively

Investui is a modern and inexpensive way to invest. Capital markets display market or calendar effects. The existence of market or calendar effects is confirmed in many academic papers. Professional investors and traders make handsome profits from investing in market effects because (1) they have time to constantly monitor the markets and (2) they have an appropriate strategy for every market effect.

Investui allows retail investors to also profit from market effects. Clients have two options: a managed account or a non-managed account. In the case of the managed account, Investui automatically implements all signals on the client's account. In the case of a non-managed account, the client receives an e-mail alert. One click converts the alert into a real position. The position is opened and closed automatically. Clients can see the open positions in real-time.

Four investment strategies have been carefully selected, tested and combined into one offer. This chart shows the gross profit for all four strategies combined, based on a back-test and real results. The position size is one future or the equivalent in CFDs.

Investui investment results

All four strategies combined generated the following net returns in the 'moderate risk' category:

The magnificent seven

Investui offers benefits that are normally not accessible or very expensive for private investors.

  1. Short term positions as taken by traders.

  2. Investing in academically proven market effects.

  3. Diversification through four carefully selected strategies.

  4. Diversification through four carefully selected markets.

  5. Transparency by showing the open positions in real-time.

  6. Good results as published in the real reference accounts.

  7. NO fixed costs and no unreasonable fees.

For which investors is Investui (not) interesting?

Investment recommended

Open an account...

  If you are looking for better returns.
  If want to invest in indexes, currencies and gold.
  If you see value in short term positions.
  If you are tired of paying high fees for poor results.
  If you don't want the value of your money to be eroded by inflation.
  If some rational risk is acceptable to you.
  If you want to diversify your investment portfolio with an active approach.

Do not open an account...

If you want guaranteed returns.
If you do not want to take limited risk.
If you are not interested in gold, currencies or stock market indexes.
If you only want to buy positions and keep them for a long time.

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