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Investui Michael Voigt

What is the minimum required to open an account?

The minimum required is € 5000 for a CFD-Forex account and € 10000 for a futures account. This is not the recommended account size. Why? An account with the minimum size is per definition in the risk category ‘Aggressive’. If such a small account has not yet grown due to accumulated profits and a big draw-down occurs – rare but never impossible – the account is too small to make a comeback.

Can I close an open position before Investui closes it?

Yes, it is possible to close a position on your own initiative. You can give an instruction to our support desk at any time.

Can I put stop orders on an open position?

No, it is not possible to add your own stops to an open position. Stops are not used with positions based on market effects. It is not a trading position. Market effect positions have time stops. They have a precise point in time when a position is closed.

Do I get another e-mail when a position is closed?

No. Positions are always closed at the same time. These times are visible on the clients page and on the open positions page of the website. The open position page not only shows the open positions, but also the closed positions for up to two hours after they have been closed.

Which buttons are the right buttons for me to click in the alert e-mails?

The answer to this question is shown in a simple table on the clients page of the website. Once your account is funded and you are ready to receive alerts, you will also receive an e-mail with several detailed examples.

There are three risk categories: defensive, moderate and aggressive. Therefore, there are three buttons to choose from in the alert e-mails. The choice depends on your account size and the risk category you prefer. The tables are very clear. Take a look.

Where is the money kept and is there an asset guarantee scheme?

In the case of a futures account the money is deposited with JP Morgan. In the case of a CFD-Forex account the money is deposited with Postbank. In both case the client assets are segregated and an asset guarantee scheme exists.

The potential fee for the alarms is 2% of the net profit per strategy, if any. How does this work exactly?

Investui covers four market effects. Clients receive alerts for all four market effect strategies. There is no monthly fee to receive the alerts. At the end of the calendar year, the alerts of a strategy either generated a profit or not. Only for strategies, which generated a profit at the end of the year a fee of 2% of net profit will be charged.

Example 1: a client made € 10000 net profit at the end of the year. Three of the four strategies generated a profit over the year. The client will be charged 6% (= 3 x 2%) of his net profit. In this example he is charged € 600 (= 6% of € 10000).

Example 2: a client makes no net profit at the end of the year. Three of the four strategies generated a profit over the year. The client will be charged nothing.