Back tested and real past performance do not guarantee future performance. Every investor should make sure, if possible with the help of an advisor, if this financial service is suitable for his personal situation. All investments carry significant risk. There is no guarantee of profit.

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Die Investui Fakten.

Investing with a good return – The facts

Investui consists of four strategies in a managed account. Each strategy is based on a market effect. The existence of market effects is academically proven.

Fact 1: An excellent return

The chart shows the gross profit for all four strategies combined, based on a back-test and real results. The position size is one future or the equivalent in CFDs.

Investing with an excellent net return.

The net return

+49,4% net return since 2020

Only two negative years in the last 13 years

Fact 2: Less orders, more return

Investui executes around 3 transactions per week. The average number of trades per month is 11.

Lows costs with less orders.

Low costs

A limited number of trades means less commissions to increase return.

The commissions per order are very low and fair.

Fact 3: Diversified investing

Investui diversifies with a combination of four strategies and four instruments (Gold, USD, DAX, S&P 500). This chart shows the gross profit contribution of each strategy.

Diversification is the basis of good investing.

Diversification delivers return

Some strategies deliver a profit every year.

When one strategy puts in a weaker performance, another strategy delivers better return.

Fact 4: More than 50% winning trades

These are the percentages of winning and losing trades over a period of 14 years.

More positive results deliver good returns.

More and bigger winning transactions

Each strategy has a majority of winning trades.

Across all transactions, the average return is positive for all strategies.

Fact 5: The average monthly return is positive

This is the average monthly gross return per month over the last 14 years.

The average monthly return is positive.

More positive months

The average monthly return is positive in every year except two.

The months with positive returns are more frequent.

Fact 6: Investui outperforms the markets

This chart compares the performance of Investui, the DAX and the S&P 500 over the period 2016-2023.

Investui can have a better return than DAX and the SP500.

This chart compares the performance of Investui and Gold over the period 2016-2023.

Investui can have a better return than Gold.

The net return

The return is above the return of the markets.

Even when the markets go sideways or down the return can be positive.

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