Back tested and real past performance do not guarantee future performance. Every investor should make sure, if possible with the help of an advisor, if this financial service is suitable for his personal situation. All investments carry significant risk. There is no guarantee of profit.

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Trading market and seasonal effects.


Academics agree on the existence of market effects. Market effects are price patterns, which tend to occur at specific points in time. The natural gas price tends to rise when winter weather sets in. The gold price tends to rise on Friday, because it is bought by institutions as an 'insurance' against unexpected events during the weekend.

Investui has proven strategies to make a profit from selected market effects. Variations of these strategies are used by professional investors and traders. When a strategy identifies the occurrence a market effect, Investui clients immediately receive a detailed e-mail alert. One click is sufficient to open and close a position.

Investui deploys four strategies to benefit from four market effects:

This chart shows the gross profit for all four strategies combined, based on a back-test over ten years. The position size is one future (or the equivalent in CFDs) for every position.

Investui investment results

This chart shows the gross profit per strategy. To make comparison possible, the back-test is not based  on the real position size of one future (or the equivalent in CFDs) but an identical position size in money terms. The Friday Gold Rush, for example, is among the most profitable but results are more volatile. The Pound Shorter generates less profit but the results are more stable.

Investui investment returns per market effect.

Investui usually sends two alerts per week. In rare cases three or four e-mail alerts are possible. A one click instruction in the e-mail converts the alert into a real position on your account. The position is later also closed automatically. Investors can reject any alert. It is, however, advisable to accept all alerts provided by all strategies. This results in the green chart above.

Free factsheet, showing the returns and other useful information for investors.


Investui is not asset management or investment advice. Clients decide whether they click every alert, only click alerts or strategies which they like or never click... but that's not really the objective.

Each market effect and its corresponding strategy is explained in detail. When an e-mail alert arrives, clients know exactly why. They have the necessary information to make an informed decision.

A table showing the open positions is available on the website. Transparent account statements are sent via e-mail. Clients also receive a nice chart showing their account's performance.

There are no fixed costs.


Investments with limited risk. 

Investui supplies actionable alerts with a rational risk level. The risk level is rational because:

  1. The market effects are academically proven.
  2. The mix of four strategies diversifies risk.
  3. The mix of four instruments diversifies risk (Gold, GBP/USD, DAX, S&P 500).
  4. There is no continuous exposure to risk.
  5. Clients cannot forgot to close a position.

On top of the above, clients have control over their risk. Any alert can be rejected simply by not clicking in the e-mail. Rejecting (or missing) some opportunities has limited impact on the end result. Clients decide whether they use leverage or not. They can even exit before the strategy would exit.

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