Detailed performance and facts



This page shows the open positions in real-time. It is possible there are no open positions at the moment.

Investui monitors four market and calendar effects and has four strategies to profit from them: Turnaround Tuesday (DAX), Friday Gold Rush (Gold), Pound Shorter (GBP/USD) and End of Month (S&P 500). When a market effect occurs, clients get an e-mail. The alert can be converted into a position in one click. Investui opens and closes the position.

These are the dates when the alerts are e-mailed to all clients this month:



Both visitors and clients can see these positions. Investui is 100% transparent.

The size of the open positions on this page is always 1 future contract. Clients who opt for a different position size or clients using CFDs will have a different result.

The size of the profit (loss) varies in function of the point in time when the position is opened, i.e. when the client clicks in the Investui e-mail, and closed.

Read the factsheet for facts, figures and statistics.