Back tested and real past performance do not guarantee future performance. Every investor should make sure, if possible with the help of an advisor, if this financial service is suitable for his personal situation. All investments carry significant risk. There is no guarantee of profit.

Let your money work for you. Investui is a service for investors with limited time who would like to invest in gold, currencies and market indices. You receive precise e-mail alerts. In one click an alert can be converted into a position. You can either click yourself or choose a managed account.

1. Open an account
See if this service is for you or not? Depository banks and a broker with an excellent reputation. Online account opening. Choose selftrading or a managed account.
2. Receive detailed e-mails
Up to three alerts per week based on well-known market effects. Selected strategies with a good track record. Real money reference accounts show net returns. Rational risk.
3. Observe results

Transparent active investing. Positions visible in real-time. Detailed account statements. No exhorbitant fees.

* See reference accounts

Part of return based on back-test. Historic results do not guarantee future results.
For diverse reasons the gold price displays a calendar pattern. This pattern occurs nearly every week. Several well-known investors use this pattern to their advantage.
The end of month effect is discussed in many academic papers. All agree stocks tend to go up most in the first days and the last days of the month. The strategy benefits from this market effect.
The USD tends to be stronger than the GBP in the first half of Tuesday. This lesser-known calendar pattern is used by the strategy to benefit every week from the dollar’s temporary strength.

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Another significant profit for clients – September 2021

Investui Results.

Investui had another outstanding month.The chart and the numbers simply speak for themselves. Net return in August: +19,0%. This is plus € 4.719 on a futures account with € 25.000 invested at moderate risk! The total net return since 2020 now stands at +60,1%. Don't forget... interest rates are negative and inflation is high. The value of money, which is not invested, is going down every single day!

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Returning to Peter Lynch – August 2021

Peter Lynch

With this update, we come back to our post from June 2021. Peter Lynch – one of the most respected investors in the world – stated that an investment manager is really good when he is right 60% of the time. Well, Investui's percentage of trades closed with a profit is.... 60%.

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